Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi everyone! Well, no one yet. My name is Maddy, I'm 15 years old and I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats. The developement of this has had a pretty big impact on my life. My school does not offer gluten-free meal choices and not all grocery stores carry gluten-free foods. Every time my friends want to go out to dinner, I need to make sure it's a restaurant with a gluten-free menu. In my research about Celiac Disease, I've found a lot of medical journal type stuff, and I haven't found something I can really relate to. My hope with this blog is that I can help give others teens trying to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the beginnings of celiac disease something to relate to. I hope you all are willing to take this journey with me. :)


  1. Bravo to you , Maddy, if anyone can get their brains aroudn this challenge, it will be you!
    Are nuts OK, because I have a fantastic no wheat clementine cake I made for Christmas that uses ground almonds instead of four and it's great. LEt me know if you can use the recipe...!

  2. nuts are fine. and i would love the recipe!