Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wahoo! Gluten Free Restaurant Options and Ski Lodges!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have't posted in a while, it's been really busy. So, last week I went to a Red Robin for dinner. I walked in knowing they had a menu with gluten-free options, but what I didn't know was if it was a completely different menu, modified recipes, and if it was any good. The staff was super friendly and really made it easy to be gluten-free. The manager came and talked to the table about the gluten-free process and how they fight against cross-contamination. At Red Robin, which is very unusual, they use completely different fryers for their fries, as not to cross-contaminate them. They also prepare all the food on separate surfaces. I got the Bruschetta Chicken Burger, made protein style (on lettuce instead of a bun) with white rice instead of fries. I substituted gluten-free salsa for the bruschetta salsa. It was to die for! I now can recommend Red Robin to fellow celiacs knowing that their gluten-free food is amazing, and their service to us tops. 

Over the weekend, I went snowboarding with a few of my friends. My only concern was lunch. Thanks be to God, I brought a lunch just in case. We went to Loon in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The Pemigewasset Base Camp by South Peak was where we ended up for lunch. They did have salads, although they were prepared on a contaminated surface. I ended up eating what I brought, not wanting to feel sick so far from home and without my parents. What I did not worry about was dinner. We ended up going to The Common Man, also in Lincoln. I was settling myself for a caesar salad with no crutons and no dressing, when one of my friends found a note saying that rice pasta was available as a substitute. I was overjoyed. I told the waitress about my diet restrictions, and the staff was also very cooperative. We came to a gluten-free Chicken Sautee, made with chicken, spinach, tomatoes, rice pasta, and olive oil. It was to amazingly wonderful! I hope you all are finding these diamonds in the rough as I am!

Happy Trails! ~mc

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  1. you need to keep a list of these finds...can you add a list posting to the right or left below your archive? This is good information (the restaurants that you have had a good experience with) that others should be able to easily see! Way to go maddy :)